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Areas of Work

We aim to address a whole range of social issues, our key areas of work are: homelessness, loneliness and isolation, mental health and wellbeing, food insecurity and supporting displaced people. We do this by:

  • Kick-starting, growing and supporting social action projects and initiatives equipping individuals and communities with the skills and confidence to make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in their local area

  • Connecting people, faith groups and organisations together to allow them to share best practice, resources and ideas through collaboration, small meetings, large events and through building mutually supportive and relational networks

  • Working together with multi-agency partners to influence local, regional and national policy and strategy

  • Providing training and information to individuals and organisations to help equip front-line workers with the skills and knowledge they need to support and sign post vulnerable people more effectively

Networks of 


Working with communities to address poverty and deprivation by engaging strategically with social action

Homelessness & Rough Sleeping

Working across Greater Manchester to tackle and prevent homelessness



Supporting the Food Aid sector to help people experiencing food crisis and insecurity

Therapy session

Mental Health & Trauma 

Training and support for faith & community groups around Mental Health & Trauma

Loneliness &


Working with local communities to reduce loneliness and isolation.



Delivering Near Neighbours programmes across Greater Manchester

Refugees &

Asylum Seekers

Creating welcoming & supportive communities for displaced people.



Creating strong, vibrant and supportive communities by increasing our financial resilience.

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Highlighting the dangers trafficking and slavery and supporting communities to tackle it locally

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