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Mental Health & Trauma Training

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This training program will boost your confidence when it comes to working with vulnerable groups impacted by trauma. 

Our bespoke training course Trauma Awareness Places & Spaces has been developed in partnership with volunteer groups and faith leaders to support the sector to understand what trauma and how it may impact the people you work with . The initial training course is free of charge and can be delivered at our offices, at your venue or from a suitable community space near you.  

Level One 
Trauma Awareness Places & Spaces

This training aims to help voluntary and faith sector groups become Trauma Aware by providing you with training and on-going support.  Our Level 1 Trauma Awareness is a 4 hour course held at St Johns House in Bury.


Units covered in Level 1 Trauma Awareness: Places & Spaces


  • Trauma and mental health

  • PTSD and Complex Trauma

  • Childhood trauma and the brain

  • Behaviour and attachment

  • Trauma and Resilience

  • Workplace support, community care and self-care

Overall, the training will boost your confidence when it comes to understanding trauma and working with vulnerable groups.

After you have attended the Trauma Awareness Level 1 Training you will gain online access on all teaching materials and resources, from there you will also be able to join our L2 course Trauma Informed Community Practitioner. More details on this course  coming soon. 

Trauma Awareness: Places and Spaces has been developed by Greater Manchester Together and will be delivered by Rach Horne Mental Health Development Coordinator and trainee Art Psychotherapist. 


This training has been developed with funding from GMCA Greater Manchester Combined Authority Violence Reduction Unit NHS Greater Manchester and GMCVO  and organization who work together to drive economic and social inclusion in Greater Manchester

Registered for FREE training HERE

More Information Contact 

For any questions about the event or training please feel free to call 

Rach Horne Mental Health Development Coordinator  07743 560 307



How to find us 

We're based at The Manchester Diocese

only a 1Omins walk from Bury Piccadilly Line 

St Johns House


The Rock



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