Current Volunteering Opportunities

The GTM Lifeskills Programme provides a safe space for people who are or have experienced homelessness to learn new skills and build community. 

Sessions happen in locations across Greater Manchester during daytimes, evenings and weekends. Sessions are built around the needs of those people who attend as well as the skills and knowledge of the volunteers. 

Volunteer roles include:

  • Run your own activity session 

  • Food prep and serving 

  • Support with activities 

  • Become a lead volunteer 

  • Drive supplies to sessions

  • Sort donations

  • Set up and close down activities

  • Greet guests and make sure everyone feels at home!

Providing access to low cost food, clothes and other goods. 

Location: North Manchester

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Closed Volunteering Opportunities

Working together with other organisations, GTMNS volunteers support people who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets.


Our fantastic team of volunteers provide necessary respite and relaxation from the daily efforts homeless people face. We engage with those on the edge of society reminding them that they are not alone and are part of a community.