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Volunteer Spotlight: Jason

Hear from our driving volunteer Jason about his experience at Greater Together Manchester!

Jason pictured with his food collection for our Social Supermarket

When did you start volunteering?

I started volunteering on Friday 28th July 2023. My place of work has a volunteering day initiative and they encourage their staff to take advantage of this.


How did you find out about this position?

I searched online for volunteering opportunities and found the Manchester Community Central website. I signed up to the mailing list and noticed a volunteering opportunity to help support the Social SuperMarket for Greater Together Manchester.


What's the best thing about volunteering?

It’s rewarding to be part of something where people (communities, charities, business or individuals) are making a difference and looking out for others that need support, especially when society is so unequal across so many areas right now. 


Volunteering allowed me to see how there are support networks in place that aren’t common knowledge, and exist due to individuals caring for people and working together to make a difference. I have great respect for everyone that has invested their time and resources to do what they can to make sure people that need support have the best chance of receiving it. 


The team I have met at the Miles Platting Social Supermarket are great. They do a fantastic job at making sure the local community can access food at more affordable prices, plus help with all sorts of advice and support. You can tell they really care about each other and want to make sure help is at hand.


What do you find most rewarding?

I have found the sense of community the most rewarding. Meeting new people and seeing how passionate they are about what they do. Realising how many people are out there doing their best to make a difference. No matter how difficult it can get.


It’s also reassuring to hear stories about large companies stepping up and doing the right thing. During one of my food deliveries I was told that Warbutons started supplying free bread products during Covid to a homeless charity. After Covid they must have realised how important it was to continue to supply the products free of charge, so continued to supply the food, which still gets distributed to people that need it. This gives me some faith that large commercial companies can make a difference.


Why should others volunteer?

People will gain a great deal of personal satisfaction by giving up their time to help others. It will also give people a different perspective and a greater understanding of what is happening around them to support their communities.


For businesses, having a greater understanding and perspective of the environment around you is an essential part of a business’ success. Having employees that have volunteered and gained a wider perspective of a range of issues can only be a positive thing.

Want to volunteer?

Fill in our application form on our website, and see our current role opportunities here


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